Taipei snipers vs saigon jokers

Taipei snipers vs saigon jokers

The Singapore Sentinels managed to defeat Saigon Jokers in the semi-finals, setting the stage for a showdown between the two strongest teams in the GPL. However, Toyz turned the tide of the game with a spot-on Orianna ultimate during a close Dragon fight, which decimated SGS and their chances at the title. TPA managed to take the first two games without much trouble, with Stanley constantly split pushing and outmaneuvering the opposition. Despite being underdogs after NaJin Sword's strong group stage showing, the Assassins were able to come out with a victory, winning both games in dominant fashion. Through out the league, they generally maintained third place overall.

Taipei snipers vs saigon jokers

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Taipei Assassins vs Saigon Jokers

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