Joker grumpy mask

Joker grumpy mask

To "give others the fun" he threatened that if someone didn't kill the employee in sixty minutes he would blow up a hospital. But once he's backed by the mob, The Joker Heath Ledger decides that simply killing Batman won't satisfy him. The Joker was very egocentric and vainglorious in this area, as he disliked people who resisted or fought his opinion. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. Joker gave the passengers of each ship the detonator to the bombs to the other and offered both a chance at survival if they detonated the other ferry. The Dark Knight received an overwhelmingly positive critical reception as a serious drama unique for a comic book movie thanks in large part to the tour de force performances of its cast including the late Heath Ledger 's acclaimed performance as The Joker.

Joker grumpy mask

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Joker Heist Mask Grumpy


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