Ranil wickramasinghe jokes

Ranil wickramasinghe jokes

You do not know how to read between lines and therefore are making a big bang commotion out of nothing. Their hidden game plan is to cling on to whatever filthy tactic and means to sling mud at Ranil because they can never ever bridge the gaping gap between them, their political superiors and Ranil in all departments of life whether it be knowledge, wisdom, simplicity, decency, political talent etc. It may be a risky exercise. However It would have been too much for Premadasa to get rid of Gamini, Lalith and Ranil all at once. Are you going to ask your son or daughter whether they prefer to have sex with a boy or a girl? Email This Article Ranil Wickramasingha and his party spokespersons are quite worried these days about the way in which Toppigala operation was carried out by the security forces. Had Ranil confronted Premadasa that day Ranil would have been out of politics long time ago.

Ranil wickramasinghe jokes

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