English movies in punjabi dubbing funny

English movies in punjabi dubbing funny

As Fox and Warners pressed forward with sound cinema in different directions, both technologically and commercially—Fox with newsreels and then scored dramas, Warners with talking features—so did ERPI, which sought to corner the market by signing up the five allied studios. Over the next four years, he improved his system with the help of equipment and patents licensed from another American inventor in the field, Theodore Case. On May 1, , Dream Street was re-released, with love song added, at New York City's Town Hall theater, qualifying it—however haphazardly—as the first feature-length film with a live-recorded vocal sequence. In sound-on-disc technology from the era, a phonograph turntable is connected by a mechanical interlock to a specially modified film projector , allowing for synchronization. As a contemporary report describes: The animation of the show is not changed, and what is written in English remains in English in the Spanish versions. In , the same year that DeForest received his first patents in the field, three German inventors, Josef Engl — , Hans Vogt — , and Joseph Massolle — , patented the Tri-Ergon sound system.

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English movies in punjabi dubbing funny

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