Funny face the exorcist scary maze game - reactions

Funny face the exorcist scary maze game - reactions

This could pretty much blow your mind if you arent ready for it. Starting level is easy, like a tutorial, then it gets more challenging and if there wasnt anything else to happen, game is fun by itself, but, this was never the idea of this game, idea was to distruct you from everything else, to keep you focused on 1 thing and that is when the sickest picture of Linda Blair as Regan MacNeil from the movie The Exorcist pops up with really scary sound effect. Prior to being archived, the post accumulated more than 1, up votes and 40 comments. What Kind of Games? Jeremy Winterrowd definitely deserves some kind of award for this game. Being a professional gamer with 15 years old experience can be helpful sometimes; Its not like there are many people out there who dont know what Scary Maze Game is, but Im pretty sure there are lots of people who never heard of the game Dont Let Go! On August 2nd, the MileyMandy YouTube channel published a video featuring the pop star Miley Cyrus tricking her friend into playing the maze game shown below, right.

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Funny face The Exorcist Scary Maze Game - Reactions 2


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Funny face the exorcist scary maze game - reactions

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