Fun facts about the oort cloud

Fun facts about the oort cloud

I mean i dnt even know about the new planet yet. A hypothesized spherical cloud of comets which may lie roughly 50, AU, or nearly a light-year, from the Sun Although no confirmed direct observations of the Oort cloud have been made, astronomers believe that it is the source of all long-period and Halley-type[] comets entering the inner Solar System and many of the centaurs and Jupiter-family comets as well. The Voyager 1 expedition discovered the rings in Heat from the exhaust pipes mixes with cold water droplets to make icy, white crystals. Is there a possibility that Pluto will add enough mass to actually achieve planetary status again? A new mission called New Horizons was launched in and is expected to fly by Pluto in and provide much needed information about Pluto.

Fun facts about the oort cloud

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What Is In The Oort Cloud?

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