Is it legal to have a funeral pyre

Is it legal to have a funeral pyre

Often there were objections from a variety of Christian churches, which contended that cremation would interfere with the resurrection of the body or that cremation spurned the example of the "burial" of Jesus. Down to the present day, it is the dire fate of Indian widows in India that is invoked as the primary reason for existence of sati. The body may or may not be embalmed, depending upon such factors as the amount of time since the death has occurred, religious practices, or requirements of the place of burial. Torah law forbids embalming. In some religious denominations, for example, Roman Catholic, Anglican and the Churches of Christ , eulogies from loved ones are somewhat discouraged during this service. It was not until the nineteenth century, however, that a widespread interest in cremation resurfaced, prompted by a variety of social, philosophical, and technological factors.

Is it legal to have a funeral pyre

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